We provide successful training courses for the construction industry, at the right price and of the very best quality.

Grants - Objectives

The mission of CITB ConstructionSkills is to promote and facilitate the training of sufficient people in the skills needed for a world class construction industry.

Five areas have been identified which will enable us to achieve this goal:

The range of grants available offers structured financial support which assists employers to invest in quality training (especially of youth New Entrant Trainees), leading to a more competent workforce and enhanced competitiveness.

Grant rates have been set to reflect the urgency and importance of the training need and the associated costs of releasing employees for training.

Grants are not intended to cover the full cost of training. We endorse the importance of industry-recognised apprenticeships by making an apprentice registration grant available, and by providing associated support for attendance on recognised training courses.

For more information please contact Michelle Armstrong, CITB ConstructionSkills' training adviser.

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